The Movie is coming – thanks for your support


As you probably know that we have been running a indiegogo campaign the last weeks to raise money to cover the production costs for the upcoming AfricaHackTrip Movie. – We need to turn the 30h of video material into a nice documentary.

Thank you so much for you interest and your support! You are awesome!

We have raised nearly 5000 USD. Which helps us a lot to cover for the production costs and we are very excited to get the movie published.
The movie will be released under a CC-BY-SA license and made available online.
We will keep posting updates about our progress here but do not yet know when we will be done.

For those who can not wait for the movie: have you already seen the interviews with some of the amazing women we have met? Or a some quotes of Eric Hersman?

Wait, what about the perks?
For all our supporters: Even though we have not reached the campaign goal you for sure will get your stickers, T-Shirts, etc. Just give us a little bit of time to print and send them to you. Let us know if you have any other questions.