AfricaHackTrip on TV

Deutsche Welle TV’s globalization magazine Global 3000 has produced an episode using some of the material we brought back from the AfricaHackTrip. So some of the African Hackers we met and their projects are being introduced to a wider audience – w00t w00t!!

Here are the full episodes in English and German.

Watch it on TV

If you are like me and want to also watch it on TV rather than only on your computer: There are various broadcast times, as the DW program is shown all over the world.

The German version premieres on TV tonight at 22:03 and is repeated five times over the next two days on German TV and again on DW Europe – check here for more info on that.
The first broadcast of the English version will be at 21:30 UTC, so 23:30 in Rwanda, 0:30 in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, 14:30 on the Pacific and 17:30 on the Atlantic Coast of America. There are repeat broadcasts every day of the week in English, German and (I think) French, and there should be subtitled editions in various languages soon.

The clips are also being syndicated, for example to German economic newspaper Handelsblatt.

More than just an episode: AfricaHackTrip. The Movie

We are super excited to be featured – but the episode is just a few minutes, and there are so many more stories to tell, places to see and people to meet! Which we can’t wait to do in our very own movie! So once more: Please support our campaign on Indiegogo!

Because Basti is awesome, he live hacked a Bitcoin App called Bitgogo yesterday during the Interactive Cologne, so now you can also donate in Bitcoins!!