The EuroHackTrip is a GO!

During our trip we’ve met a lot of people who are excited about the idea visiting their peers in other parts of the world. To bring together different hacking cultures and to exchange ideas and stories.

After the AfricaHackTrip now the EuroHackTrip project started. Basicly the AfricaHackTrip the other way around. People from all over Africa will explore the tech scene in Europe. One step closer to more cultural exchange in tech between Europe and Africa.

It was Timo from Nairobi who started the project and invited people to the first meetup.

What is the project status?

In short: it is getting started… with huge motivation.
Nothing has been decided yet and teams are forming to identify ToDos and work on them. And we invite everybody who is interested to join.

How to join the EuroHackTrip?

The project is open for anybody who is interested. We will have a lot of problems to solve and it is a long way to Europe and this will be a collaborative effort.

If you are interested, please join the Google Group, and have a look at the GitHub repositories. Currently all ToDos/topics are collected as GitHub issues


Let’s make this happen!