Hackers love numbers

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The AfricaHackTrip team got back to (more or less) serious, every-day life in Europe. Only @bumi decided to hack longer so he’s reporting news from tech Africa’s communities to the others. Appreciated!

Even though the trip has finished a week ago we’re still in the “AHT mode”. There is no longer organization, meeting, interview time – rather a reflections and recaps period. Everyone has a head full of information, memories, pictures, faces… Fact is, we visited so many cool places, met countless incredible people, took part in dozens of superb events. Believe us, we feel like that trip took at least half a year, not only 5 weeks. It’s hard to recall all circumstances and persons so number came to rescue here. Geeks love numbers. And open source icons. And a nice visualization using those :)

We wanted to shortly sum up an entire project to share our experiences, present outcome from the events and show how many things (great and not that great) happened during the journey. It’s an interesting summary for us personally but hopefully also a piece of knowledge for AHT followers.

P.S. Quiz: one of the digits is fake. Which one? Sorry guys…nothing could stop us from putting it here :)