StartupBus Africa – from Harare to Cape Town

From the 17th to 21st of November the StartupBus Africa is happening. It’s another project that might be intersting for developers, designers and startup people.

StartupBus is an annual entrepreneurial road trip, during which the ‘buspreneurs’ conceive, build, and launch their startup.
The goal is to support entrepreneurs in Africa, help international entrepreneurs understand the African market and create lasting ties between both – and finally, of course, the founding of new startups in the areas of interest.
The hackathon is taking place for the first time in Africa this year and brings together 40 experienced entrepreneurs (hacker, softwaredeveloper, business and design thinkers) half from Africa and half from the rest of the world with industry representatives from the fields of mobile/ healthcare/ energy to conceive and develop apps via rapid prototyping and present the best ones at the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Cape Town in front of a jury of VCs, BAs and established entrepreneurs.

If you’re interested, head over and apply for a seat. Also please consider supporting their indiegogo campaign.