Kampala Barcamp at Outbox

The first half of the barcamp day at Outbox is already over. Similar to the Nairobi about 50 people have gathered to discuss a broad range of internet related topics.

  • General Overview about embedded Systems
  • The future of the web in Uganda and the Mozilla Community
  • OpenStreetMap and GEO
  • Social Media in Uganda
  • Linux and OpenSource
  • Where is my data? – about data privacy
  • Kampala.js – founding of the monthly Kampala JavaScript meetup
  • Cross Continent Collaboration / Creating the AfricaHackTrip community
  • What is Bitcoin

I guess one of the highlights so far was the session about the future of the web and the Mozilla Community in Uganda. The Community here is huge and they do a great job in pushing the web into a more open and accessible future. Make sure to read their blog and follow them on twitter.

Thank you, outbox community for hosting us! And make sure to come to hive colab for the hackathon tomorrow.