Will Mutua: Reflections on the ‘Silicon Savannah’

Will Mutua from Afrinnovator has written a very interesting piece on “The Past, Present and Future of Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Kenya”. He sums up the developments in Kenya from the launch of undersea fiber optic cables, via Ushahidi, iHub and M-Pesa as examples of how entrepreneurs shaped Kenya’s tech boom, to the recent debate on the “Silicon Savannah”.

As an outlook to the future, he compares government plans and organic developments that grew from the Kenyan tech community, and concludes:

“Today the government has come up with another strategy and another plan. However, there’s also a vibrant tech community that can and should also determine its future. If the Silicon Savannah wants to grow fast and deliver on its promise, it has to be an intentional (and shared) progression. And in 5-years’ time questions and criticisms can be raised, but at least against a standard of expectation.”

Read the whole article here: http://www.idgconnect.com/blog-abstract/2423/reflections-silicon-savannah-the-past-present-future-technology-innovation-entrepreneurship-kenya?region=africa