We are a group of developers & designers from Europe, curious about the emerging African tech hubs.

From September 23rd to November 1st we have been exploring the East African tech szene. Our goal was to document our experience and to kick off a continuous exchange between the continents.
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AfricaHackTrip – The Movie!

Now that we are back with awesome new friends, lots of stories to tell, thousands of pictures, 30 hours of video footage from our trip to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. We want to turn this footage into a great movie, so we can share our experiences with communities all over the world and motivate others to join the exchange between cultures. To do this, we need time and professional support.

And that’s where YOU come in! Please help us raise $7,000 to cover our production costs, so we can introduce you to exciting places and awesome people.

Be a part of AfricaHackTrip!

It’s all about: open spaces for learning and sharing; coders; tinkerers; designers; connection; discussions; creating new things together; people and their projects; user groups; women in tech; the East African tech scene; barcamps; hackathons; hugs; highfives; and a whole lot of fun.

We met incredible people, learned about crazy cool projects, found out how Africans use technology to solve social problems, and brought together European and African hacking culture. And most importantly we kicked off continuous exchange – like with our friends over at Nairobi Dev School and EuroHackTrip.

HighFives, Hugs and lots of <3 from
Gregor, Alex, Emi, Bumi, Basti, Martin, Vicy, Jan and Tobi

5 Weeks / 4 Countries / 9 Hackers

Since submarine fibre-optic cables connect East Africa to fast, reliable and affordable Internet, the regions tech scene has been leapfrogging: from no net to mobile net in 4 years.

We have been working with people from all over the world, but not yet with hackers from Africa. We believe that it takes personal contacts to establish lasting networks. So we decided to just go there. We have met, connected with our peers, brought together European and African hacking culture, and – most important – have kicked off a continuous exchange.

To bring back our experience and to motivate more people joining the exchange between the continents we have documented the trip in pictures and videos.

We are very excited that some African Hackers are now planing the EuroHackTrip next year! Join it!