AfricaHackTrip is about tech communities. We want to connect people and share knowledge. Doing business is not a primary goal, so the participants will spend their personal time and money. Because it’s going to be fun and we believe we can do something good for the tech scene.

Partners help us lower the costs, host more and better events for more people and produce a better movie.

AfricaHackTrip will organize four hack events in four capital cities reaching hundreds of developers. At the end of our trip we will be present at DEMO Africa the continent’s largest startup event. We will be filming throughout our journey and release a documentary movie about our experiences when we get back.

The events or our movie might be your spot. We’ll gladly mention our partners and place their logos in any published material. As a sponsor you will be visible to everyone we meet: startups, developers and other forward-thinking people in a new market with huge growth potential. You can also send people to the events to get involved personally, for example by giving workshops.


In total, we’d need about $30,000 to cover all expenses (except our return tickets to Africa and our food & drinks). Your contribution could go towards one of these categories:

  • Events (venues, catering, prizes)
  • Professional film gear (rental) and high-quality post-production
  • Transport in Africa, visa and accomodation

This is our spread sheets for all the costs:
AfricaHackTrip Cost Breakdown

Get involved!

Sponsorship packages range from $1000 to $5000. Or you can tell us how you would like to partner up with us, and we’ll work out a customized package with you.

Just get in touch with us, and we’ll work something out!