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The Movie is coming – thanks for your support


As you probably know that we have been running a indiegogo campaign the last weeks to raise money to cover the production costs for the upcoming AfricaHackTrip Movie. – We need to turn the 30h of video material into a nice documentary.

Thank you so much for you interest and your support! You are awesome!

We have raised nearly 5000 USD. Which helps us a lot to cover for the production costs and we are very excited to get the movie published.
The movie will be released under a CC-BY-SA license and made available online.
We will keep posting updates about our progress here but do not yet know when we will be done.

For those who can not wait for the movie: have you already seen the interviews with some of the amazing women we have met? Or a some quotes of Eric Hersman?

Wait, what about the perks?
For all our supporters: Even though we have not reached the campaign goal you for sure will get your stickers, T-Shirts, etc. Just give us a little bit of time to print and send them to you. Let us know if you have any other questions.

The EuroHackTrip is a GO!

During our trip we’ve met a lot of people who are excited about the idea visiting their peers in other parts of the world. To bring together different hacking cultures and to exchange ideas and stories.

After the AfricaHackTrip now the EuroHackTrip project started. Basicly the AfricaHackTrip the other way around. People from all over Africa will explore the tech scene in Europe. One step closer to more cultural exchange in tech between Europe and Africa.

It was Timo from Nairobi who started the project and invited people to the first meetup.

What is the project status?

In short: it is getting started… with huge motivation.
Nothing has been decided yet and teams are forming to identify ToDos and work on them. And we invite everybody who is interested to join.

How to join the EuroHackTrip?

The project is open for anybody who is interested. We will have a lot of problems to solve and it is a long way to Europe and this will be a collaborative effort.

If you are interested, please join the Google Group, and have a look at the GitHub repositories. Currently all ToDos/topics are collected as GitHub issues


Let’s make this happen!

StartupBus Africa – from Harare to Cape Town

From the 17th to 21st of November the StartupBus Africa is happening. It’s another project that might be intersting for developers, designers and startup people.

StartupBus is an annual entrepreneurial road trip, during which the ‘buspreneurs’ conceive, build, and launch their startup.
The goal is to support entrepreneurs in Africa, help international entrepreneurs understand the African market and create lasting ties between both – and finally, of course, the founding of new startups in the areas of interest.
The hackathon is taking place for the first time in Africa this year and brings together 40 experienced entrepreneurs (hacker, softwaredeveloper, business and design thinkers) half from Africa and half from the rest of the world with industry representatives from the fields of mobile/ healthcare/ energy to conceive and develop apps via rapid prototyping and present the best ones at the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Cape Town in front of a jury of VCs, BAs and established entrepreneurs.

If you’re interested, head over and apply for a seat. Also please consider supporting their indiegogo campaign.

Kampala Barcamp at Outbox

The first half of the barcamp day at Outbox is already over. Similar to the Nairobi about 50 people have gathered to discuss a broad range of internet related topics.

  • General Overview about embedded Systems
  • The future of the web in Uganda and the Mozilla Community
  • OpenStreetMap and GEO
  • Social Media in Uganda
  • Linux and OpenSource
  • Where is my data? – about data privacy
  • Kampala.js – founding of the monthly Kampala JavaScript meetup
  • Cross Continent Collaboration / Creating the AfricaHackTrip community
  • What is Bitcoin

I guess one of the highlights so far was the session about the future of the web and the Mozilla Community in Uganda. The Community here is huge and they do a great job in pushing the web into a more open and accessible future.  Make sure to read their blog and follow them on twitter.

Thank you, outbox community for hosting us! And make sure to come to hive colab for the hackathon tomorrow.

Nairobi hacks and designs together

It’s hackathon time here in Nairobi!
After the Barcamp yesterday today it’s time to get our hands on some code and designs. Hackathons are probably the best way to learn and experiment together.
9 teams of about 5 designers and deveoplers  are working  on a range of exciting projects:

  • PingApp: a binary, multichannel check-in tool for groups.It’s an easy way for small groups, families and companies to quickly check in with each other.
  • Vipy: a local social network for Kenya
  • Hardware Hacking – Arduino + Rasberry PI
  • Matatu:  crowdsourcing service quality ratings of the Matatus – the local buses.
  • URL shortener: a URL shortener written in PHP with a JavaScript frontend
  • TweetMiner: Twitter scarping and data analyzing tool of user specifc tweets
  • Doze Poa: THE Kiswahili Slang phrasebook app
  • Nairobi.js: later there is the Nairobi JavaScript UserGroup meetup

You should follow  #aht13 on twitter and our log for realtime updates. Later this evening we will have a presentation of the results.

And again many thanks and high-fives to GitHub for providing us all with delicous food and drinks… and of course for making collaboration on code so easy!


AHT Barcamp Nairobi

AfricaHackTrip Barcamp Nairobi is on

Currently our first event is taking place at iHub with about 50 participants.
To get an idea of the topics that are discussed, here is an excerpt from the session board:

Follow our tumblelog for photos and quick updates.