Closing a circle: Talk at Berlin JavaScript User Group

Connecting communities is one of our goals. And we define ourselves as members of our local tech communities with the idea to share our experiences. So when I gave a talk about the AfricaHackTrip at this month’s BerlinJS meet up I felt I was closing a circle.

My personal highlight was that I could show videos of KampalaJS and NairobiJS greeting BerlinJS.

AfricaHackTrip helped founding these user groups so it’s great to hear from them. Of course BerlinJS answered:

Here’s my slides:

3 thoughts on “Closing a circle: Talk at Berlin JavaScript User Group

  1. Hello,

    I just saw the project and wanted to congratulate you guys for doing something so inspiring.

    Is there any chance that it will be repeated in the future and open to more people to collaborate and participate? That would be fantastic!

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